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1.   The World Inside I

2.   The World Inside II

3.   My Skin

4.   Tears

5.   Look Into A Strangers Eyes

6.   This Tangled Web

7.   Winter's Life

8.   Fascination And Fear

9.   A Million Years

10.  Color Me Red

11.  Father Sing

12.  The Sound Of The Rain

13.  Voices

14.  Fading Away

15.  Times Square

16.  Nothing Ever Changes (Demo)

17.  The Enemy (Demo)

18.  Here I Will Stay (Demo)

19.  This Tangled Web(Demo)

1.   This Tangled Web

2.   Facination And Fear

3.   Fading Away

4.   My Skin

5.   Father Sing

6.   Look Into A Stranger's Eyes Live

7.   The World Inside I

8.   The World Inside II

9.   My Skin

10.  Tears

11.  Look Into A Stranger's Eyes

12.  This Tangled Web

13.  Fascination And Fear

14.  A Million Years





THE Human Drama album....re-mastered with added demos and both live and studio videos.


" As we were recording the Hopes, Prayers, Dreams EP in Wales, I started writing this album. I already knew that even thought we had yet to record 'Feel', that this next full length album needed to explore a different road. The songs I had written and performed that would become 'Feel' were kind of a scream.....the next album would be a whisper. The next album, when heard, should not reflect a guy singing, but a guy 'thinking'. In the beginning of the process the idea was that a heartbeat would start the album, then increase to fit perfectly the tempos of the songs throughout the album. Wanted the audience to feel that they were inside someones thoughts. I abandoned the heartbeat idea at some point....can't remember when or why.....but I always recall the idea when hearing the World Inside I and II pieces. To say I am proud of this achievemnet would be an understatement. I think it will always be the album that defines Human Drama."  Johnny Indovina/2013


Produced by Johnny Indovina and Charles Bouis, mixed by Harry Maslin (David Bowie "Station to Station", "Young Americans")

From all music guide: Ned Raggert

The contrast between Feel and The World Inside wasn't quite night and day, but compared to the ruinous mainstream gloss and semi-metal wank of the debut, The World Inside was the album that truly showed why Human Drama was a special band, with Indovina toning things down while increasing the dark, enthralling power of the music as a whole. Produced by Indovina along with percussionist Charles Bouis, the album features a greatly expanded studio lineup revolving around the core of Indovina, Bouis, and Rita D'Albert, who handles guitar and, notably, flute. Her abilities on the latter, plus Indovina's and guitarist Carlo Bartolini's own skill with string arrangements, make for a much-better texturing of the band's work overall, while overall the sound is much more lush and involved, dramatic without being overbearing. Much of the album is in fact acoustic, relying on the combination of Indovina's gently ringing guitar and violin and cello by various players to set the quietly majestic tone, backed by Bouis' strong but not rampaging drumming (another definite improvement over Feel's slick punch). An effective showcase of this overall combination is the stunning "The World Inside II," containing all the personal passion familiar from earlier work but simply succeeding so much more, Indovina's voice truly a wonder, the blend of music a focused dramatic miniature. Other fine numbers include "Fascination and Fear," with a worthy guest vocal turn from L.A. goth legend Patrick Mata of Kommunity FK, and the involving "Color Me Red." Two absolute highlights made up both sides of an associated single, one being an affecting cover of Marianne Faithfull's "Times Square" that doesn't quite equal the original in impact, but gets very close indeed. Meanwhile, "This Tangled Web" is the centerpiece of the album, fragile synths adding to Indovina's best vocal turn (and some fine romantic lyrics to boot) and a lovely full-band performance.

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