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1.   My Denial

2.   Ways and Wounds (Of My World)

3.   Single White Rose

4.   Somewhere

5.   Love's Way

6.   To Love Her

7.   A Simple Glance

8.   Truth About Gina

9.   Lost

10.  I Cannot Believe

11.  Goodbye

12.  The Great Pretender

13.  March On

14.  King Of Loneliness

15.  Solemn Sun Setting



Released on Triple X Records in 1999. 

Recorded and Produced by Charles Bouis, an original member of Human Drama who also co-produced The World Inside.


Solemn Sun Setting features "Love's Way', "Lost", and "Single White Rose" and includes many stand-out moments from Violinist Jamii Szmadzinski. Other musicians include Michael Ciravolo on electric guitar and C.J Eiriksson on drums.


Quoted from the liner notes: "This album is a summation of all Human Drama work prior. And all days prior. It has been a time of reflecting and understanding. Though I am not foolish enough to think that this is just a stop on the road. I must allow the wear and tear of the journey thus far to completely heal before I continue. The sun must set...But it always rises again".

-Johnny Indovina 1998

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