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Trials Of The Writer 2 LP Vinyl Edition

Trials Of The Writer 2 LP Vinyl

  • Trials of the Writer. A true concept album dealing with the positive and negative sides of being an artist that releases his work to the world, to exist forever… And to have that work follow you.

    “The theme came to me pretty quickly… I wanted to explore the good, bad, ups and downs of a life writing songs. It was also my plan to research other artists…songwriters, novelists, poets and even painters. But I must admit, when all was said and done, it seems to be mostly about my life experiences, and how I feel at this point in my career, at my age, with so much work existing behind me. And how that work follows me around.

    It is always there. It exists. Artists give ideas and thoughts life. Those ideas and thoughts are always there. They live forever. They outlive the artists.

    John Lennon left, “Imagine” is still here”.

    Track Listing:
    SIDE ONE: 1. The Writer 2. I Have Wandered 3. I Love The Way You See The World
    SIDE TWO: 1. So Many Beautiful Lies 2. Far From The Beginning 3. All Life's Mysteries
    SIDE THREE: 1. Letter Never Sent 2. Isn't Life Strange 3. Until The Last Sunset
    SIDE FOUR: 1. The Suitcase 2. The Last Song

    “Trials of The Writer” will be the 13th full length release for Johnny Indovina that includes his work with Human Drama, Sound of the Blue Heart and solo. Produced by Michael Rozon, and featuring guest appearances by Brian Stoltz (Neville Brothers/ Bob Dylan/ Linda Ronstadt), Marc Ford (The Black Crows/ Neptune Blues Club) and Paul Allen (Big and Rich/ Adele/ Jewel), Trials of the Writer is due for release April 2014.
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