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The World Inside Re-mastered CD/DVD Set

The World Inside CD/DVD Remastered

  • THE Human Drama album....re-mastered with added demos and both live and studio videos.

    " As we were recording the Hopes, Prayers, Dreams EP in Wales, I started writing this album. I already knew that even thought we had yet to record 'Feel', that this next full length album needed to explore a different road. The songs I had written and performed that would become 'Feel' were kind of a scream.....the next album would be a whisper. The next album, when heard, should not reflect a guy singing, but a guy 'thinking'. In the beginning of the process the idea was that a heartbeat would start the album, then increase to fit perfectly the tempos of the songs throughout the album. Wanted the audience to feel that they were inside someones thoughts. I abandoned the heartbeat idea at some point....can't remember when or why.....but I always recall the idea when hearing the World Inside I and II pieces. To say I am proud of this achievemnet would be an understatement. I think it will always be the album that defines Human Drama." Johnny Indovina/2013

    Produced by Johnny Indovina and Charles Bouis, mixed by Harry Maslin (David Bowie "Station to Station", "Young Americans")
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