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Sound Of The Blue Heart- Beauty?...

Featuring "He's Forgotten How To Dream", "River of Love", and the title track "Beauty?..."


  • Released on Triple X Records in 2006 in the USA, and ProDisc In Latin America.
    Recorded and Produced by Michael Rozon.

    Johnny's first release after disbanding Human Drama a year earlier seems like an obvious growth from Human Drama apart from it's non-concept album approach.

    "This was certainly a learning period for me as I moved on away from the Human Drama tag.I felt it gave me a lot of room to write, with no confines of it being a Human Drama album. I truly believe 'He's Forgotten How To Dream' will go down as one of my best songs."

    Joined by Tim Grove on Electric Guitar, Michael Mallory on Bass and David Zimmerman of Memory Burn on Hammond B-3 Organ.
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